Service in community

Here is a current list of ways to begin serving in our fellowship: 

  • Set Up Team

  • Connectors

  • Sunday AM Baking Team

  • Meal Ministry

  • Homeless Care Team

  • Kids Ministry

  • Kids Worship

  • Worship Team

  • Security

  • Creative Design

  • Communications Team

We are always up for new creative ways for people to plug in. If you don't see something above that suits you, but you want to be involved, let's grab coffee and chat! 

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Volunteer Testimonies 

Lauren Toews: "I volunteer because I believe in this community and what we're doing. I wanted to be able to contribute in some way. Volunteering has helped me to make the Anchor my home. Before I started volunteering, it was really easy to be disconnected from the church. I could slip in and out of church without having true connection or real conversations. As I started volunteering, I was able to create organic relationships with the other volunteers and to really know others in the church. It opened the door to meaningful conversations, deeper connections and the feeling that I was truly a part of something.Through volunteering, I have experienced a stronger sense of community and belonging."

Ian MZ: "Volunteering connects me with the body of Christ. This community breathes into my life in so many beautiful, helpful ways. But you can’t live by only breathing in. Volunteering is like breathing out. It gives me a chance to know others and be known. As I share my story and encounter others' stories, my eyes are open to how much we have in common, how different we are, and how we are all needed to experience the Gospel in its fullness. From meeting new people and connecting names with faces, to deep experiences of fellowship and worship, volunteering at The Anchor has given me a comfortable way to ease into relationships. It’s so much easier for me to get to know someone when working together to complete a task, and serving together provides that very opportunity. Regardless of whether you’re like me and are relatively new to the Anchor, or you’ve been here for a while, please consider volunteering.  See what being connected with the Body of Christ can do – for others and for you. Find out what St. Francis meant when he said, “It is in giving that we receive.”

Jana Roberts: "Volunteering in my church is something that has been a part of my entire adult life, so when I was recently asked why I volunteer, I had to really think about the answer.  For one thing, it makes me feel connected and holds me accountable. But deeper than that, each week that I volunteer in the Kids’ Ministry, I come away feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever the world throws at me during the coming week.  That sounds so cliché, I know, but it’s true. There is much to be said about seeing the world through a child’s eyes."

Questions about Volunteering?

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