Communion with god. Fellowship with each other. ministry together.

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The Weeks Ahead: 


  • April 29th- Grow Potluck at 4:30pm. The Food Theme is Italian. We ask that you bring something with you if you attend. You can reach out to Mary at


  • 5th- AMEN Breakfast at 10am. 
  • 10th-12th-24 Hour Monastery starting Thursday evening at 6pm and ending Sunday morning at 12:30pm. 
  • 13th- Mother's Day
  • 27th- Grow Potluck at 4:30pm

Happy Hours: All begin at 5:30pm and end at 7pm. 

May 2nd- Ladies Happy Hour @ Rosepepper

May 9th- Men's Happy Hour @ Nobel's

May 17th- Men's Happy Hour @ McNamara's Irish Pub

May 23rd- Ladies Happy Hour @ Plaza Mariachi

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